Corporate Retreats

Step out of the routine and traditional style of corporate meetings and plan a Corporate Retreat with a unique twist that can produce benefits beyond a more effective meeting. This will be a delight to your meeting attendees.


When we eat we are either feeding disease or fighting it. Which are you doing? Let Lexington Center for Integrative Health help you get started on a new direction in relation to your diet and nutrition.

Scalar Wave Field Nights

Schedule an amazing, full night in the Scalar Wave Field for an incredible boost to your mind and body for health and wellness.

Back Fitness

Be Right Back – Back Fitness Program

Deal with your chronic back troubles in a way that is unique and can help set you on a course for a happier, healthier back for life.

Mind & Matter Natural Weight Loss

Use Quantum Biofeedback and other modalities to follow a course of inner balancing and change to pursue long term support of desired weight goals.

Transformation Weight Loss

10-Day Transformation Weight Loss Jump-Start

Motivate your decision to be on a path of healthy weight management with a rewarding jump-start for noticeable initial results while you develop a plan for the internal and external changes that you need in order to accomplish your personal weight goals.


Enjoy the benefit of a continuous positive energy force.

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