What is LCIH?

LCIH is the place to start or continue a path of taking care of yourself. As the first and only Energy Spa in Kentucky, we want you to walk through our doors and sense that by taking a small break from the chaos, stress, and constant demands of a “normal” life, and instead spending time in healthy restoration for your mind and body that you have just made the best choice of your day. Your attention to this amazingly important, but often neglected aspect of life, can change your lifestyle for the good. The stresses and strains of our way of life in American culture are not likely to change, but each person can decide that they are important enough to seek ways to balance and harmonize life – both internally and externally.

Who’s Behind LCIH?

LCIH was founded and developed by Stephen and Kathy Ramsay of Lexington, KY. Kathy is a native Kentuckian, born and raised in Pike County, who moved to Lexington in 2000. Stephen considers himself an adopted Kentuckian after relocating to the area in high school. For him, Kentucky instantly felt like home. Both Stephen and Kathy come from traditional medically related backgrounds, Stephen with a career in Pediatric medical practice and Kathy with a career in home medical equipment at Cooley Medical Equipment based in eastern Kentucky, Lexington, and Louisville.

The Ramsay’s interest in approaching health and wellness from a more natural, non-traditional perspective began to develop many years before, and accelerated in recent years through experiences, studying, learning, and the realization that many potentially valuable options for pursuing health were not readily available or heard of in this region. They felt that alternative approaches to health needed to be brought to the same table as the more traditional approaches, and that people should be encouraged to take an active and educated role in pursing their own health and wellness. LCIH was established to step toward this goal for the people of our community.

Why Team Up with LCIH?

LCIH is here to encourage and inspire you to have a more optimal degree of wellness. Once you have made the decision to pursue a more proactive role in managing the course of both mind and body health, LCIH offers therapeutic choices to help you accomplish your goals. Many of our therapies are not available anywhere else in this region and all of our therapies are oriented toward natural support of the cellular and energetic aspects of your whole body. Our effort is to help you focus on health at a deep and meaningful level, while simultaneously helping your body get the information and support it needs to be more energized. When you team up with LCIH we are here to be your cheerleaders and watch you grow your desire to have positive changes in your life.

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